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Workshops & In-Service Training

I will work with my fellow MS coaches to offer engaging workshops that support faculty outside the traditional PLC structure. After conducting an assessment of the MS faculty's needs related to our institutional commitments,  we will offer workshops that are responsive and relevant. While these sessions are catered to MS faculty, all employees across divisions are welcomed to attend.

Workshops that will not take place on in-service days will happen from 7:00 am - 7:45 am before school and 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm after school. Additional professional learning days will be offered within the school day as needed. Below, you will find a sample of what might be offered, as well as workshop materials from my previous in-service trainings.

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Past Workshops & In-Service

Aligning Your Assessments


Within my PLC, I’ve brought my expertise in unpacking standards and aligning them with our instructional practices and assessments. Whether on my interdisciplinary team or within my disciplinary PLC, I guide my colleagues in understanding the critical skills and concepts we are teaching. While at times this process can be an informal one, the material provided shows you how I facilitate a shared understanding of teaching standards with my colleagues.

Click here to explore the what, the why, and the how of this workshop.

Building Understanding of Rubrics

After developing a shared understanding of our standards, I facilitate and prompt conversations about effectively designing rubrics. Within various collaborative teams at SAS, I’ve prompted my colleagues to critically examine the common rubrics we are using to assess student work across classes and across sides.

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Performance Tasks in Novel Contexts

I also push my collaborative teams to develop a more authentic view of assessments. This involves getting my colleagues to have a performance view of understanding when summatively assessing students. The link provided will show you how I engage my colleagues in doing this.

Click here to explore the whatthe why, and the how of this workshop.

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